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Full Color Ribbon Board Modular Display | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Installation

Installed  in the heart of the city, the famous Plaza de la Republica, in front of the celebrated monument, El Obelisco, the Ribbon LED Display is iconic. It was installed just in time to be seen by up to 4.5 million people a day as Argentina celebrated its year-long two hundredth anniversary of the May Revolution that opened the way to the country’s independence. Due to its iconic location, which also serves as a gathering spot for celebrating football fans, the sign will aptly convey updates about the World Cup games in addition to advertisements, live news, stock market information, time and temperature reports, and foreign currency exchange rates.

Specifications of the RGB display are as follows: Pitch = 20mm • Pixel Matrix = 72 x 2496 • Actual Size = 1440 mm x 49.92 m.

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